The complete package for thoroughbred breeders

Crowningstone offers the thoroughbred breeder a comprehensive range of services supported by high standard facilities. Most important is our personal approach to handling horses we expect to be able to catch any individual horse in its paddock be they wet or dry mares, weanlings or yearlings. Our management and handling regimes are tailored to provide that level of individual care for all resident horses.

  • Agistment for permanent boarding mares and their progeny
  • Speller agistment
  • Walk-ons to your selected stallion
  • Foaling down
  • Weaning
  • Yearling sale preparation
  • Sale preparation for weanlings and mares
  • Advice on mare matings, inspection and assessment of horses


At Crowningstone we value highly, the “horse clean” status of the property and have developed in consultation with our veterinarians and agronomist a herd health strategy and pasture management program to maintain that status for the benefit of Crowningstone and our clients.

Our paddocks are designed to carry groups of 6 to 8 mares and foals to enhance safety for foals and facilitate regular rotation of paddocks. All paddocks are pasture improved and foaling and young foal paddocks are irrigated.

Handling yards and stables are designed to ensure safe and efficient handling of horses. Our loading ramp system for transport of mares and foals is unique to Crowningstone and draws praise from all transport operators who have used this innovative facility.

Professional Support Services

We are pleased to offer you the services of outstanding equine practitioners to ensure the highest standard of care for all horses at Crowningstone.

Through Dartbrook Equine Veterinary Clinic highly respected and dedicated equine veterinarian Dr Richard McLenahan and his team perform the day to day reproductive and foal care veterinary procedures for Crowningstone.

Our professionally trained and experienced farrier Brett Jones provides the best possible care and attention in hoof care and foal limb monitoring throughout their growth and development.

Dedicated young equine dentist Daniel Faint provides the routine dental care of mares and young stock to the highest industry standard.

Sydney Horse Transport provides an exceptionally good service transporting our horses. We have a strong working relationship with SHT that benefits our clients through the care taken by their staff in handling our horses and the timeliness and efficiency of their service.

Our Service Commitment

  • Caring and informed daily routine husbandry and management with trained observant staff
  • Use of handling practices and facilities designed to minimise trauma to horses and enhance both horse and handler safety
  • 24 hour on site supervision
  • Professional oestrus cycle monitoring – including teasing
  • 24 hour supervised foaling down by trained and experienced staff
  • On call 24 hour veterinary services less than 10 minutes drive from Crowningstone
  • Consistent observation and management of foal, weanling and yearling growth and development, in consultation with our veterinarians and farrier.
  • Timely and informative communication with our clients